Pure Garcinia Cambogia dosageIf you’re looking for a way to burn through fat, suppress your appetite, curb your emotional eating, and just feel better about yourself physically, then you’ve probably heard something about the awesome supplement called Garcinia Cambogia Select. As you read this today, we’re going to discuss the recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia, and its effective dosage size for epic weight loss.

Because this superfood is actually a fruit, the body understands it’s chemical structure and can utilize its properties effectively. The most beneficial compound in the fruit is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has carbohydrate-blocking, appetite suppressing, and mood enhancing properties. This makes the supplement a powerhouse in the weight loss industry, and is why people turn to garcinia cambogia extract for weight loss help.

How much is too much?

The side effects of a high garcinia cambogia dosage per day are very rare, which makes identifying “too much” difficult. Most doctors and health professionals who have studied this supplement take into account the body’s effective usage of any compound and have capped off the recommended dosage at 2500-3000 milligrams.

How much is too little?

HCA is dosage dependent. This means that the amount that is used will directly relate to the amount of effectiveness it has on helping you lose weight. More HCA means more weight loss, less HCA means less weight loss. The minimal effective garcinia cambogia dosage is about 500 milligrams. Any less, and you might as well not be taking anything.

This is great, because most supplement companies (as is the case with Garcinia Cambogia Select) sell  the supplement at 500 milligrams per capsule. This makes pricing and pacing each bottle of the extract extremely easy.

When do I take it?

The most effective time to take the garcinia cambogia extract is about 45 minutes (give or take 15 minutes) before a meal. This allows you to get the full effect of the HCA in your garcinia cambogia dosage. This also allows you to experience to “filling” effect of the garcinia cambogia.

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As with anything, testing is required and a call to your doctor is recommended. Because your body will be different from the next person, you may thrive on 1000 milligrams when they need the full three-thousand! It is all a matter of seeing the sweet spot between what is cost effective, what is physically effective, and what makes you feel as though you are making the progress you need to continue.

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